Friday, February 7, 2014

Military court reform in Latin America

Add to your must-read list Brett J. Kyle & Andrew G. Reiter, Militarized Justice in New Democracies: Explaining the Process of Military Court Reform in Latin America, 47 Law & Society Rev. 375 (2013). Based on their review of developments in a number of countries, the authors find that "absent a dramatic defeat of an authoritarian regime and its armed forces, reform efforts that do not engage and bargain with the military often fail to achieve long-term compliance and improvements in human rights practices." They also offer sobering thoughts on lessons that can be derived from their findings for military justice reform efforts elsewhere. "Scholars and practitioners," they caution, "should not expect a quick fix to issues of overextension of military justice systems." (Thanks to Julia Shu, Yale Law School Class of 2016, for spotting this important article.)

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