Sunday, February 9, 2014

All you need to read is the headline

Lt. (Dr.) Barbara Balanzoni
The Associated Press provided this important story to The New York Times: "Italian Reservist Acquitted in Cat Rescue Case." At left, Italian Army Reserve Lt. Barbara Balanzoni, who "still faces charges of defamation and insults." A petition urging the military prosecutor to drop the case seems not to have succeeded. (Thanks to Prof. Diane H. Mazur for the tip.)

Query: Had Lt. Balanzoni been convicted on the charge of gross insubordination, would the cat-o'-nine-tails have been used?

Animal Watch Postscript: It was reported in December that a Canadian Forces military policeman who suffers from PTSD is being court-martialed for disobedience in bringing his service dog to his place of duty. Can one of our Canadian readers fill us in? No case with the MP's name appears on the Chief Military Judge's list of pending cases.

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  1. What more can be said? This is the Italian justice system being discussed. Remember, they can prosecute one for criticizing the way the police perform (or don't perform, as the case may be--ala Amanda Knox) the duties. Simpy ridiculous.

    As for the charges against the LT, I wonder if Italian law recognizes the defense of "necessity" at all, even with respect to saving a human life, much less with respect to saving a feline's life.


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