Sunday, March 10, 2024

Do not abuse your subordinates

If you do in South Korea, you're out, according to this report. Excerpt:

The Chuncheon branch of the Seoul High Court upheld the earlier court ruling that ruled in favor of the Air Force dismissing the senior non-commissioned officer, who had the rank of "wonsa" which is roughly equivalent to chief master sergeant in the US Air Force.

He was removed from the post in May 2022 after being accused of insulting his colleagues, swearing at them and assaulting his subordinates. Among the accusations are of him having one of lower-ranked non-commissioned officers pick him up after drinking, neglecting one's duties and smoking multiple times in non-smoking areas.

In addition to his dismissal, the court martial sentenced him to a prison term of four months, suspended for two years for violating the Military Personnel Management Act.

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