Thursday, March 21, 2024

Bill C-66 - An Act to Amend the National Defence Act

Today, Canada's Minister of National Defence, Bill Blair, announced the tabling of Bill C-66 - An Act to Amend the National Defence Act.  This legislative initiative has been characterized, with good reason, as an effort to "... strip military of power to investigate sexual offences."

However, the proposed legislation raises several questions.  Perhaps the most important question is whether it will address the core problem regarding the Canadian Forces' (CF) failure to respond effectively to sexual misconduct.

And, as Global Military Justice Reform contributor, Rory Fowler, suggests: perhaps one of the principal shortcomings of Bill C-66 is that legislators have not correctly identified the key problem.

Rory Fowler, "Bill C-66 - Initial Observations" (21 March 2024) online: Law Office of Rory G Fowler, Blog <>

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