Monday, November 6, 2023

GDMA Trivia

Ron Meister brought this item to our attention. There may be some resonance for those of us who had clients involved in the GDMA tragedy.

From Scandal to Symphony: The Unheard Voices of Fat Leonard (

Some may be unaware, but the movie A Few Good Men originated from a real court-martial, with lots of Hollywoodizing. The allegations stemmed from assaults, not murder, but that didn't trouble the playwright or Hollywood. The actual accused's cases were appealed, and the appellate lawyer provided the transcript to a brother--Aaron Sorkin, who then wrote the stage play.

Gene has already referenced the new version of The Caine Mutiny. And, of course, he managed to capture some science fiction courts surrounding Captain Kirk.

The bottom line is that courts-martial continue to be fodder for Hollywood and playwrights and authors.

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  1. Longtime NIMJ stalwart BG David M. Brahms, USMC (Ret) was a technical consultant for "A Few Good Men."


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