Saturday, November 11, 2023

Corruption in the Nigerian military

Happy Veterans (or Armistice) Day to those who celebrate. A little late to this development, but some big news out of Nigeria last month. Major General Umar Mohammed was sentenced to seven years jail and ordered to pay $2.1 milllion back to the Nigerian Army Properties Limited.

The linked article above and this interview with Femi Falana discuss the efforts to combat corruption in Nigeria's military. Major General Umar Mohammed was the former managing director of the Nigerian Army Properties Limited. 

I attempted to pull more information on the Nigerian Army Properties Limited, but am left to speculate a bit about what it is. I'll share a few of the links I found online about the group. It appears the Nigerian Army Properties Limited is a public/private partnership of sorts, with government money earmarked for military needs.  

Anyway, enjoy your holiday, Veterans! Always an occasion to celebrate when an official goes down for taking monies that were for the troops.

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