Saturday, February 4, 2023

U.S. armed forces caseload data, CY22

Since U.S. military judges (all of whom go through training at The Judge Advocate General's School and Legal Center at Charlottesville, Virginia) may try cases in any service,
see R.C.M. 201(e)(4), and since the trial judiciaries could coordinate cross-service assignments if they wished, it is worth looking at all-service caseload numbers for general and special court-martial trials. The data below are drawn from the 2022 Art. 140a, UCMJ, TJAG reports. Reserve judges are counted as 1/12 of an active duty judge on the premise that they perform a month's duty per year.
                  Trials                 Judges
Army              615                    25.8
Air Force           314                     18.25
Navy & Marines     387                     28.1
Coast Guard        14                      10.0  
Total            1330                      82.15
Purple caseload/judge/year                      16.19
Purple caseload/judge/month                    1.35                 
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