Monday, February 13, 2023

Curtailing rights in Indiana

I'm a little late to developments out of Indiana. The state legislature is considering changes to the code for courts-martial of National Guardsmen. The changes will make it easier to convene general courts-martial, not requiring the governor to act as the convening authority. And the changes make it more difficult for individuals to demand a court-martial by right, if they disagree with taking non-judicial punishment under Article 15. 

That last revision is causing consternation for some. The author of that opinion piece draws an analogy to forced arbitration clauses, as guardsmen will lose their ability to challenge their command's lesser punishments in open court. It's always worrisome when an individual gives up a right they previously enjoyed. I could not find how the bill is progressing through the state legislature, but I echo the opinion writer in hoping that last change goes nowhere. 

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