Wednesday, January 25, 2023

India's grievance redress system

Global Military Justice Reform contributor Wing Commander (ret) Dr. U C Jha writes here about Reforms in the Grievance Redress System. Abstract:

The members of the armed forces have been bestowed with the right to make complaints seeking the redress of their grievances. The provisions for the redress of grievance are contained in the three Services Acts and procedures have been elaborated in the Regulations. However, the regulations provide different procedures for the processing of grievance petitions, damaging the effectiveness of a statutory right. In reality, the grievance redressal system has various shortcomings, leading to the increase in the number of petitions filed in the Armed Forces Tribunal and the higher courts. There is need to replace the existing grievance redressal system with an effective, transparent, and non-vindictive mechanism which is a sine qua non of an efficient military organisation.

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