Friday, January 6, 2023

Air Force Prisons are Just the Worst

In an inverse of the top ranking the Air Force maintains over the other services in terms of fancy military housing and fine dining, the health and safety conditions of their military confinement facilities lags those of the other services. 

According to a GAO report, "most of the branches routinely assess whether their facilities adhere to established health and safety standards, but the Air Force does not." While Air Force partisans would argue that finding is not as adverse as the one against the Marines, a finding that states "Staffing shortages at Marine Corps facilities pose health and safety risks," these partisans would be wrong.   

The GAO report is a product, essentially, of the NDAA Fiscal Year 2021, and makes five recommendations to help the Air Force, and to a lesser extent, the Marines, clean up their act. The full report can be found here.   

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