Saturday, November 20, 2021

Book release/pre-orders: "March to Justice: Global Military Law Landmarks," edited by Navdeep Singh & Frank Rosenblatt

Franklin Rosenblatt and I are thrilled to announce that our book “March to Justice: Global Military Law Landmarks” is now available for discounted pre-orders.

It would be released next month, December 2021, and we shall keep the readers of this blog posted on further developments, including panel discussions around it.

The book, edited by both of us, is a unique work. An international release, it contains short essays and commentaries by jurists, judges and academics from around the world on milestone judicial decisions that changed the course of military law in different jurisdictions. It aims to provide information on the diverse course taken by military law, justice and reform in various nations, and generate lessons and learning from these experiences, besides triggering a comparative analysis.

The contents are articulated in simple non-technical language that is easy to assimilate even for a layperson. The book should appeal to the general reader as well as those interested in the military, law, politics, public policy, governance and human rights. The book contains contributions related to various nations, including the US, India, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Colombia, China, Australia, Georgia, Israel, Pakistan, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Denmark, Nepal and Turkey.

The Editor of this blog, Eugene Fidell, has also authored a chapter, and so have many other well-known contributors here.

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