Wednesday, November 24, 2021

As goes [Canada][UK] reform?

House of Lords have defeated the Boris Johnson government in backing a move aimed at ensuring troops accused of the most serious offences are normally tried in a civilian court. The House of Lords supported the presumption against such cases being dealt with by the military justice system by 210 votes to 190, majority 20.

The change in the upper chamber to the Armed Forces Bill means service personnel alleged to have committed in the UK the most severe crimes, such as murder, rape and child abuse, would be dealt with in the civilian courts rather than a court martial, unless authorized by the Attorney General on grounds of complexity.

So reports Merco Press. Armed Forces Net has similar reporting.


  1. This does not actually bind the House of Commons, which is a democratically elected chamber (the House of Lords is not). I may be wrong but, after the scrutiny given to the proposals by the Armed Forces Defence Select Committee, it is doubtful anything significant will change.

  2. Can anyone provide a breakdown of coutries that now rely on civilian tribunals to tried members of the armed forces accused of serious crimes committed within national territorial boundaries in peacetime?


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