Thursday, April 15, 2021

Peacetime military jurisdiction -- pushback from the Military Criminal Chamber

Not so fast, says the president of Italy's Military Criminal Chamber (the specialized bar organization), Saveria Mobrici, in response to suggestions to end peacetime military courts:

Military jurisdiction in peacetime corresponds entirely to the general interest of the proper functioning of the jurisdiction, for the needs of specialized skills to be applied, for the needs of temporal economy of the proceedings, for the needs of the defense of the rights of the personnel of the Armed forces.

The Military Criminal Chamber, therefore, expresses the hope that military justice of peace, made even more "consistent" with the dissolution of some interpretative knots by the law, will be confirmed in its institutional functionality.

For its part - concludes President Saveria Mobrici - the Military Criminal Chamber, simultaneously expresses the hope of being able to play an active role in the proper functioning of military justice.

The Chamber's full statement (in Italian) can be found here.

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