Friday, August 23, 2019

Nashiri fallout

A gutsy Navy lawyer who called it right in the Nashiri judicial ethics debacle has been passed over for promotion to lieutenant commander. Carol Rosenberg has the story here. Excerpt:
“I doubt there is another lieutenant in the entire Navy who has demonstrated the courage to do what he did,” said Capt. Brian L. Mizer, who joined the Nashiri case as a senior litigator after Lieutenant [Alaric A.] Piette had represented Mr. [Abd Al-Rahim Hussein Muhammed al-]Nashiri alone for seven months.

Captain Mizer, a career criminal defense lawyer, called the Navy decision not to promote the lieutenant “retaliation” for “standing in the way — as he was ethically and legally required to do.”
Disclosure: the editor filed an amicus brief for the Ethics Bureau at Yale [EBaY] in the D.C. Circuit mandamus case.

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