Wednesday, December 13, 2017

More reform of New Zealand's military justice system

Click here for the text and other detail about the Military Justice Legislation Amendment Bill, which passed its first reading in New Zealand's unicameral Parliament on 7 December 2017.   The purpose of the Bill is "to update the military justice system and to align it with the criminal justice system by enhancing victims’ rights, amending the Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971, the Court Martial Act 2007, and the Court Martial Appeals Act 1953".  The parliamentary page to which I have provided a link gives you access to the Bill itself as well as YouTube videos of all the speeches in respect of the Bill, providing an interesting snapshot of varying political perspectives on military justice in New Zealand.

Any person can make a submission to Parliament's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee about this Bill.  You do not even have to be a New Zealander and it can be done on-line!

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