Saturday, June 17, 2017

Forced retirements in Nigeria

A furor has broken out in Nigeria over the forced retirement of 38 Army officers and the slow-rolling of action on their objections. According to this op-ed by Sani Tureta in This Day:
It has been over a year and their appeals have not been heard by the President or Acting President, it makes you wonder if incompetence is at play. It would be very disgraceful for the Nigerian Army if the retirements are reversed by the courts and it is confirmed that even just one of the retired officers is innocent and was never queried, charged, tried or found guilty of any offence. This is because [Chief of Army Staff] Gen [Tukur Yusuf] Buratai said he gave an opportunity for all the officers to be questioned in line with the army’s administrative procedures. This will therefore assign grave doubts to the credibility of the retirements and would be a sad confirmation of the observations of human rights bodies. We should have utmost regard and respect for our laws, rules and regulations. The arbitrariness and impunity of the past should not be perpetrated any longer in the Nigerian Army. It is distasteful and no longer fashionable.

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