Friday, June 2, 2017

Editorial censure?

An editorial published by the Quebec City daily Le Soleil is highly critical of General Jonathan Vance, the Chief of the Defence Staff, for his refusal to release the report of a Board of Inquiry [BOI] ordered by his predecessor in December 2015 while substituting his own findings.

The BOI was presided over by an Army Colonel assisted by another five experienced and senior officers and non-commissioned members. It determined that there was a failure of 'basic leadership' in how the army handled the high-profile case of alleged sexual assault and harassment of retired Master Corporal Stéphanie Raymond.

The BOI made several findings to the effect that Master Corporal Raymond was the victim of such harassment as a result of her complaint of sexual assault. However, General Vance rejected such findings because of what he considered to be an insufficiency of probative evidence.  Le Soleil concluded that General Vance's handling of  the BOI report was but one element in a public relations strategy aimed at defending the image of the army.

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