Monday, April 3, 2017

Aliens in their own land?

The recent expansion of the Canadian military justice system runs contrary to the advancements and reforms occurring in both international as well as domestic law.  It has resulted in the corresponding loss of a high number of rights for military personnel and civilians tried by Canadian military tribunals. This include the constitutional right to a jury trial, the loss of the benefits of a hybrid offence.  Victims of crimes tried before military tribunals - be they military or civilians - are excluded from the Victims of Crimes Act as if they were aliens in their own country.

It is somewhat disturbing  to hear that Canadians who volunteer to serve in Her Majesty's Armed Forces must give up some of their basic rights which seem so essential to those not in uniform. It is my honest belief and the belief of many others that the time has come to proceed with the modernization of the National Defence Act. 

For a further discussion see BEHIND THE TIMES, a proposal for the reform of the Canadian Military Criminal Justice System.

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