Sunday, January 29, 2017

A busy day in Egyptian military court

This report just in from Cairo:
An Egyptian military court Sunday sentenced 227 dissidents to jail for allegedly promoting violence following the August 2013 violent crackdown of Egyptian security forces, according to a local non-governmental organization. 
The Aug. 14 Rabia and al-Nahda crackdowns came in the wake of the military coup that July. 
The Western Cairo military court sentenced 133 of the defendants, 82 of whom were tried in absentia, to 25 years in prison, and 94 others (72 of whom were tried in absentia) to 15 years each, Ezzat Ghanem, the chief of Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms, said in a statement. 
29 of the opponents were released after the court ruling while one case was dismissed after the suspect died, he added.

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