Saturday, July 28, 2018

Speaking of Egypt

The pen is mightier than the sword -- or is it? Consider this report from Egypt:
A military court sentenced six actors to suspended two-month imprisonment on Wednesday, over accusations of insulting the Armed Forces in a play named “Suleiman Khater”, to be released within days after spending four months in prison.

The six defendants include playwright and director of the play, who were accused of insulting the Armed Forces, using military uniform without permission, and showcasing a play without the approval of the censorship authority.

Playwright Waleed Atef and director Ahmed El-Garhy were arrested in March were arrested following their show at Giza’s Shooting Club, over a report filed by lawyer Samir Sabri, who accused them of mocking the Egyptian army’s role in fighting state’s enemies.

Since the play concerns the Armed Forces, the artists were referred to the military tribunal for prosecution.
Oh, that explains it. 

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