Monday, July 9, 2018

Guessing games in Uganda

A piece of military justice kabuki theatre is slowing playing out in Uganda. This article gives the available evidence, such as it is. Excerpt:
Lawyers quiet 
So, despite engaging Kampala Associated Advocates, one of the most highly regarded law firms in the country, no application has been filed in court to compel the State to produce Gen [Kale] Kayihura in court or release him.

Gen Kayihura was arrested together with some of the individuals he closely worked with during the time he was in charge of the police Force, including former Flying Squad Unit commander Herbert Muhangi.

All the individuals who were arrested around the same time with Gen Kayihura have until now kept quiet in custody, except Col Ndahura Atwooki, formerly in charge of crime intelligence in the police, whose wife filed a habeas corpus application and got a ruling in her favour for her husband to be charged in a court of law or be released.
Col Ndahura was on June 29 charged in a closed session of a military disciplinary unit at the army headquarters in Mbuya, Kampala, a session from which we have since heard conflicting accounts.

The Attorney General has since told the High Court that Col Ndahura pleaded guilty to the charges of “interfering with the process of law” that were brought against him and is awaiting sentencing, something Col Ndahura’s lawyers have disputed. The session was closed even to Col Ndahura’s lawyers and it is said that he refused to say anything in court in the absence of his lawyers. 
Sources familiar with what is going on say Gen Kayihura’s plan is to let things play out and not be seen to push President [Yoweri] Museveni’s hand the same way Col Ndahura did, for instance.

In reality, then, it turns into a game of President Museveni and his former trusted lieutenant sitting still, each poring over his cards and waiting for who will blink first.

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