Wednesday, July 4, 2018

By the numbers

Today is a slow day here in the glass-enclosed newsroom high above Global Military Justice Reform Plaza (perhaps as a result of Independence Day--sorry, George III), so even though no particular milestone has just passed, let's run the numbers:

Hits: 573,281
Posts: 4411
Comments: 593
Jurisdictions: 182
Contributors: 23

Thanks to everyone for visiting this blog, posting, commenting, and passing the word to others who are interested in military justice and its improvement in their own country and around the world. Commenters: please remember that you must use your real name -- nothing anonymous. Contributors: please continue to be on the lookout for matters of interest; the more perspectives, the better. Readers: if you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email the editor. Ditto if you are aware of some emerging issue, theme or trend that others should know about.

Finally, a reminder: Global Military Justice Reform is not affiliated with any governmental, international, or nongovernmental organization.

Best regards to all for the summer.

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