Sunday, April 9, 2017

Justice for Navy senior enlisted personnel

Navy Times has a fine story about the U.S. Navy's increasing reliance on detachment for cause as a way to boot senior enlisted personnel without needing to impose nonjudicial punishment or conduct a court-martial. In a nutshell, a command master chief can be detached for cause without disciplinary action. That triggers loss of the member's Navy Enlisted Classification and command master chief designation, and the individual reverts to his or her regular rating. But what if there are no immediately available billets in that rating? Out you go.

Joseph Heller would have loved it.

Here are the data:


  1. I caught your recent interview on MilJus podcast in which you mention (if I recall correctly) an obscure part of USC - specific only to the Navy - that prohibits similar administrative action for alleged conduct that could be prosecuted.

    It does not seem rare that a service policy, once thoroughly researched, would be found to contradict an actual law. Does this Navy policy violate the section of USC code you mentioned in MilJus podcast? Do you know the specific section of USC where I can find it? Thank you! S/f!

  2. Nick, without going back and listening to the Weirick's podcast, I think I referred to 10 U.S.C. § 6329, which applies to both the Navy and the Marine Corps:

    "No officer of the Navy or the Marine Corps may be retired because of misconduct for which trial by court-martial would be appropriate."

  3. 10 USC 6329. I will read up on it. Thank you!


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