Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Military Justice Review Group

The Los Angeles Times has this article by Tim Phelps about the Pentagon's Military Justice Review Group. At the moment, little is known about its scope, direction and process, although this is likely to change soon given the October deadline for submission of its first report (on Uniform Code of Military Justice changes). Global Military Justice Reform will keep readers posted as information on the work plan becomes available. Who will be consulted, and how? Will there be town meeting-type hearings or some other avenue for public participation? Will there be a website? Will comments be permitted online through ("Your Voice in Federal Decision-Making") or only by snail mail? Substantively, what changes should be made to the UCMJ and (in the second phase of the Review Group's work) the Manual for Courts-Martial?

Those with an interest should definitely start organizing their thoughts. Feel free to use this blog's Comment function to share your suggestions on any or all of the above -- but please remember to use your full name.

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