Saturday, February 3, 2024

Egypt expands military jurisdiction

Egypt is expanding the jurisdiction of military courts far beyond what human rights jurisprudence tolerates. According to this report:

The military judiciary is to be empowered to address crimes deemed to harm public food security with the authority to prosecute a range of market manipulation activities under new legislation passed by the House of Representatives this week.

Unlike in most military trials, however, those handed felony sentences on charges of “harm to vital facilities” will be able to appeal the decision.

The law also upholds the military’s law enforcement powers over any facility or utility defined as a public good.

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The scope of what the law entails could also be widened, since it makes provision for the president, or anyone delegated by the president, to identify actions that may pose a threat to “the essential resources of the state and national security” in consultation with the National Defense Council.

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