Thursday, December 14, 2023

Amnesty International protests Tunisia's military trial of a civilian opposition figure

Amnesty International has issued this statement concerning Tunisia's military trial of civilian opposition figure Chaïma Issa. Excerpt:

“Chaima Issa is a well-known writer and opposition figure who should have not been charged in the first place as she was simply peacefully exercising her right to freedom of expression. Tunisia’s authorities must quash this outrageous conviction from a military court immediately. Her case was brought by an increasingly repressive government that will stop at nothing to silence voices of dissent.

“Chaima Issa, much like dozens of other critics who are being judicially harassed or arbitrarily detained for months, is guilty of nothing more than questioning the decisions made by a government that, from the outset, has demonstrated an unwillingness to tolerate any form of dissent.

“The fact that Chaima Issa was tried by a military court only adds to the grave injustices she is facing since civilians should never be tried before military courts under international human rights law.   Over recent years, under President Kais Saied’s leadership, the Tunisian authorities have increasingly resorted to military trials as a means to prosecute critics and opponents.”

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