Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Argentina 1985

 The film "Argentina 1985", an Argentine film that opened in the U.S. at the end of September 2022 and is available for streaming on Amazon Prime tells the story of Julio Strassera, the Federal Prosecutor, and Moreno Ocampo, his assistant, in the civilian trial of the military juntas in Argentina.  Ricardo Darín, the famous Argentine actor, plays a very convincing Strassera, a man who did not seek this role in life but is also unwilling to not rise up to fulfill it to the best of his ability.

President Raúl Alfonsin appointed Strassera to prosecute the 9 members of the military juntas for crimes against humanity and to have them tried by a civilian appeals court.  The military defendants refused to accept the jurisdiction of the court that was imposed upon them and demanded to be tried by a military tribunal.  The film depicts Strassera's concern that the military will resort to a coup d'état to prevent the proceedings from taking place and there are multiple death threats against him and his family.

The legal team organized by Moreno Ocampo put together 709 cases to be presented to the Tribunal out of the approximately 9,000 that the military was responsible for during the 7 years of the "dirty war" and the testimony and evidence of the military's culpability for torture and forced disappearances was overwhelming.  It was nothing short of incredible that the civilian legal team was able to convince the Federal Appeals Court to send former members of the military dictatorship to prison.

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