Monday, August 29, 2022

Not military justice, but . . .

 Just Security has posted this excellent essay by George Croner: A Damage Assessment of Trump’s “Declassification Defense.” Required reading for anyone dealing with classified information. Excerpt:

In this article, I focus on a specific aspect related to the national security risks from the disclosure of such documents. I address on its own terms Trump and his allies’ claim that, while president, he issued either a general or standing declassification order that covered these documents. If that is to be the defense on which the former president relies in the court of public opinion or in a court of law, we should understand the national security implications that would flow from such a presidential decision. It should be shocking to the American public and to jurors in a courtroom to hear such a line of defense to allegations of mishandling national defense information. That justifiable shock can come, however, only if people comprehend the grievous harms to national security from any such order.

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