Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Illegal orders and the civil service

Military personnel are not the only public employees who may be faced with illegal orders -- and wonder what to do in response. Consider this recent column from The Denver Post by Matt Nicodemus. He is the founder and coordinator of Sworn to Refuse, and says this on the organization's Facebook page:
If our command-and-control military can recognize the need to protect conscientious refusers from having to follow unlawful orders, then why can’t and shouldn't we implement similar provisions on the civilian side of our government? Sworn to Refuse has taken up the mission of fighting for such provisions in law and in policy.
The Facebook page says "Sworn to Refuse is a grassroots effort to encourage and support government employees, their families and friends, to follow their employment oath." (In case you were wondering, The Orders Project home page reports: "Update 1/20/2021 15:00 : The Orders Project is now in Charlie Status. Active operations and referral services will resume if and when a need arises.")

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