Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Supreme Court of Nepal dismisses ex-captain’s plea

The Supreme Court of Nepal has upheld the decision of a Military Special Court dismissing from service a captain of the Army who was found guilty of misusing his official position. The captain was convicted for having sexual relations with a junior female staffer.

The main plank of the captain’s case was that the act was not related to the military and was a part of his conduct out of service and hence the military should not have interfered when there was no contravention of the military code of conduct.

The division bench of the Supreme Court has however ruled that the officer had misused his social and economic position to commit the offence and the court has upheld the conviction handed out by the Special Military Court.

The officer had been arrested when he was taking the woman member of his staff out of Nepal to India for an abortion.

More details of the case are available here.

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