Sunday, September 15, 2019

International military law

Major-General Yusuf Ibrahim Shalangwa, Director of Nigerian Army Legal Services, was elected today new President of the African Military Law Forum (AMLF) in San Remo, Italy.
 Shalangwa is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, African Bar Association, International Bar Association.
“He is a seasoned military legal adviser and has attended several seminars, workshops and conferences on different aspects of military and civil laws both in and outside Nigeria.
“Among such international conferences and workshops included, Law of Armed Conflict in Spiez, Switzerland and Legal Aspects of Counter-Terrorism at the Kofi Anan International Peace Keeping and Training Centre, Accra, Ghana.
“He is also the Chairman, Armed Forces and Security Committee of the African Bar Association and has been a member, Board of Directors/Governing Council of many
Nigerian Army Legal/Corporate entities,’’ Musa said.
Note: The fifth iteration of the African Military Law Forum on “The Role of the Legal Advisor in Peace Support Operations” will take place at Villa Ormond, official seat of the Institute, from 10 to 12 September 2019.

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