Thursday, July 11, 2019

A new military lawyers' organization is founded in Italy

We learn from the Paola Casoli blog that a new organization of military lawyers has been created in Italy: the Military Criminal Chamber (Camara Militare Penale). The blog reports (Google translation):
This new body, which is based in the premises of the Military Tribunal of Rome, aims to protect the figure of the defender and the independence of military criminal lawyers in accordance with constitutional, community, international norms and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, without exception to gender conditions; to strengthen the links between military criminal lawyers, encouraging their training; to promote policies aimed at military criminal justice reform, with a look at the introduction of conflict mediation and the construction of an organizational model of the Armed Forces as a penal exemption; to monitor, finally, so that military criminal law in peace and war, in its interpretation and application, is inspired by the protection of the rights and dignity of citizens and those who are under military jurisdiction, protecting the gender.

The association represents an absolute novelty in the legal profession. Signatories of the initiative are lawyers Saveria Mobrici, Eduardo Boursier Niutta, Alberto Polini, Fabio Federico, Alessandro Diotallevi, Giorgio Carta, Gianfranco Ceoletta, Elvira Ciancio, Antonio Ferdinando De Simone, Anita Mangialetto, Claudio Maria Polidori, Pierpaolo Rivello, and Angelo Fiore Tartaglia.
Congratulations to the founders of this new entity.

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