Sunday, December 16, 2018

An incomplete step in the right direction

Cameroon has released 289 English-speaking civilians who were to be tried by military court. From this report:
Ngaibe Philippe, one of the lawyers defending English-speaking detainees, says [Cameroon Pres. Paul] Biya should be tried for refusing to respect Cameroon's laws and taking people charged with simple crimes to the military tribunal.

"How on Earth would you take a crisis of misdemeanor and they are judged in a military court," Ngaibe said. "Now a majority like our president, Sisseko (Ayuk Tabe), fall under felonies. It means those ones are going to remain in jail while a minute number of 289 are released under misdemeanor. This is absolute nonsense and it is not going to change the face of the struggle in anyway."
Amnesty International released this statement.

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