Monday, May 7, 2018

The thing about chicken

When you mention chicken to military justice mavens, what might come to mind? In the U.S., the Sanchez case, perhaps ("Is the chicken admissible?"); in Australia, the "rubber chicken" case. But in South Korea, now, it has to be the government's effort to require closure of a chicken restaurant because the owner has not reported for duty as a conscript, even though he is currently litigating whether he has a constitutional right to exemption as a conscientious objector. Looks like over-reach, so no wonder the National Human Rights Commission is on the case.

According to this report, "Article 76 of the Military Service Act . . .  bars the state, local governments and employers from appointing or employing people avoiding conscription or mobilization, and requires the cancellation of associated permits, approvals, licenses and registrations."

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