Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wing Cdr (R) Jha: India needs a manual of military law

Daily News & Analysis has this op-ed by retired Wing Commander U C Jha, arguing that India needs a manual of military law. Excerpt:
War has always been subject to certain principles and customs. The law of war is rooted in the rules of ancient civilisation and religions. Historically, India has held a leadership position in the development of laws for its military to ensure compliance with the obligations of the law of war. Kautilya’s Arthashastra, dating back to 400 BC, contains principles and practices to be followed during war. Kautilya’s laws for the military clearly recognises the distinction between military targets, which can be attacked, and non-military persons and objects that could not be attacked. The Mahabharata and the laws of Manu also contain provisions that prohibit the killing of an injured adversary, forbid the use of certain weapons, and regulate the protection of prisoners of war. Unfortunately, our Armed Forces, the third largest in the world, does not have any written code applicable for the armed conflict, whether international or non-international.

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