Sunday, February 12, 2017

New volume for the military justice bookshelf

Here's an excerpt from a review by A.A. Nofi of Conduct Unbecoming: Fifteen Military Criminals, Rogues and Victims of Justice from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam, by Scott Baron and James Wise, Jr. Excerpt:
Independent scholars Scott Baron and the late James Wise, who have an impressive number of books to their credit either together or separately, take a look at fifteen notably military trials, whether by court martial or tribunal, in American history.

The cases a mix of the well known and the now largely forgotten. Among the more well known are the trials of Henry Wirz, Eddie Slovik, and William Calley, while among the largely forgotten, are members of Washington’s bodyguard who conspired to assassinate general, Cdr. Alexander McKenzie of the “Somers Mutiny,” the “San Patricios” of the Mexican War, the 1942 German “Operation Pistorious” saboteurs, and the Korean War deserter Robert Jenkins. One forgotten trial was that of one very well known American, Paul Revere, accused of disobedience of orders during the Revolutionary War. 
*   *   *
While can quibble about the absence of other cases, perhaps most notably those of FtizJohn Porter or Billy Mitchell, this is a useful read for anyone interested in the workings of the military justice system or in any of the cases examined.

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