Sunday, October 30, 2016

Supreme Court of India fines the military in promotion case

Finding its orders on military promotions being unduly delayed, the Supreme Court of India, in a pending contempt petition, fined the military Rupees Twenty Thousand per officer for each month of delay in implementation.

The case related to the incorrect apportionment of vacancies of the rank of Colonel and above between various branches of the Indian Army in which the Supreme Court had passed a detailed decision earlier this year.

Ever since a cadre revision in the year 2004, various controversies have arisen on what is termed as an incorrect distribution of vacancies amongst various arms and services.

A detailed report on the subject can be accessed here.


  1. The fine remains a mystery and at best a web of imagination. The sad part is even Supreme Court proceedings are wrongly reported to advance individual agenda. Will advice patience to wait for the Order when uploaded on net. Intentional false reporting of proceeding is an interference in the administration of justice and invites contempt action.

  2. further to th earlier comments...the copy of order is out.. it says

    Time for extension of time for compliance of directions issued
    by this Court is extended upto 28.11.2016.
    I.A.No.1/2016 in Contempt Petition (C) No.365/2016 is allowed
    and disposed off.
    List Contempt Petition (C) No.805/2016 on 28.11.2016"


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