Sunday, September 4, 2016

Calls for Ukrainian chief military prosecutor to resign

The Kyiv Post is reporting here that calls are mounting for the chief military prosecutor to resign because he has not moved quickly enough to investigate a debacle that occurred at Ilovaisk. Excerpt:
Many personally accuse the chief military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios of putting little effort into the investigation, which involves top military officials. 
Dozens of activists from the AutoMaidan movement picketed Matios’s house in the outskirts of Kyiv on Sept. 3. When the prosecutor didn’t present himself, the protesters threw leaflets into his mailbox which read “Matios works for [Russian president Vladimir] Putin” and “Matios is an accomplice of DNR (a separatist republic with its center in Donetsk). 
“I don’t comment on fools,” Matios told Hromadske Radio on Sept. 3 when asked about the protesters.
Other activists have organized a permanent protest in front of the Prosecutor General Office, demanding Matios' resignation. Small pictures of Matios with the words “Matios is a traitor” could also be seen stuck to the walls on some Kyiv streets.

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