Monday, January 13, 2014

Why George III?

You may have been wondering why a portrait of George III is prominently displayed on this blog, and why three Georges appeared on the post before this one. This is not a case of picking on someone. It's simply that George III was on the throne at the time of the 1774 Articles of War that were the model for the 1775 American Articles of War. Since the 1774 Articles continue to cast a long (and in important respects retrograde) shadow across the military justice systems of the United States and some other countries whose systems may be traced to the classic command-centric British model, the blog will award one or more Georges to features or developments that fail to reflect contemporary standards for the administration of justice. Positive developments, on the other hand, will receive one or more Ansells (named for Brigadier General Samuel T. Ansell, who labored in the cause of reform). Here's one now . . .

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