Thursday, February 15, 2018

11 months and counting

In less than 11 months, the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan will expire. That's the measure that extended for two years an earlier amendment that permitted the country's military courts to try civilians. The earlier measure also had a two-year sunset clause. The idea behind both was that during the successive two-year periods the country's civilian courts could be put in working order. That didn't happen during the life of the 21st Amendment and there is no sign that any steps have been taken toward that end under the 23rd Amendment. The sun will set again early in 2019. Don't look for progress on the civilian court front; look for another two-year amendment* or, worse yet, something permanent.

* In the Editor's opinion, legislation that purports to alter a constitution for only a fixed period is not really constitutional in character. Perhaps the next amendment--assuming it too has a sunset clause--will be challenged on this basis.

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