Friday, December 29, 2017

Eat your veggies

Here's one we missed: the Canadian Forces' "Veggies Case." Excerpt from CBC News's account:
"Vegetables are supposed to be good for us."

These were the actual words spoken by a judge in the verdict at a court martial in St. John's on Friday.

Judge Sandra Sukstorf, a military commander with two master's degrees, ruled there was no evidence Master Corporal Greg Young ill-treated a subordinate.

Young, who was accused of making a trainee eat mixed vegetables until he vomited, was found not guilty.

Witnesses testified Young insisted the trainee eat his vegetables, while peers cheered him on. The trainee himself said he did not vomit or feel forced.
The military judge's detailed Reasons for Finding in R. v. Young, 2017 CM 2006, are available here, on the website of the Chief Military Judge. 

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