Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Texas gunman's court-martial

The Associated Press writes here, in the Fresno Bee, about the military justice system and the U.S. Air Force court-martial of Texas mass murderer Devin P. Kelley. What did the members (jurors) know in his case? Why isn't it easier to get the record of trial? Excerpt:
The Air Force has so far released only a handful of pages from Kelley's trial record. The service is planning to release more.

Typically, however, transparency in connection with military trial records is minimal. While all of the services make brief courts-martial results public, documents from the proceedings, such as the charges, courtroom transcripts and pretrial agreements, are available only through the federal open records law, the Freedom of Information Act. That's a potentially time-consuming process and there are no assurances the requested documents will be released.
Do the victims' families have a cause of action against the government for negligence in failing to report Kelley's conviction? Vice News has this report. 

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