Sunday, November 26, 2017

1000-page BDR mutiny ruling: "be a little bit patient"

Here is an excerpt from a further report on Sunday's High Court proceedings in the Bangladesh Rifles [BDR] mutiny case:
Justice Shawakat Hossain also urged all to have patience by describing the importance of the case with regard to the ‘unprecedented’ incident after starting to read out the ‘historic’ verdict.

He noted that the bench heard the case for 370 working days.

“Not only are the 850 convicts waiting to hear the verdict, but many others in the country want to know it. Many will spend a sleepless night for the verdict. We have the responsibilities.”

He said the court was trying to deliver a ‘good’ verdict on this ‘significant’ case.

“So you must be a little bit patient. Our observations may differ, but the destination is the same.

“We’ve reached a consensus on the order part of the verdict. Our blood pressure also shot up in delivering the verdict,” he added.

Justice [Md Abu Zafor] Siddique mentioned similar killings of army officers in other countries, noting that 55 Bangladeshi officers lost their lives in the nine months of the war against Pakistan in 1971.

“The Peelkhana massacre surpassed that (tragedy),” he said.

He said the highest number of army officers, 100, was killed in Indonesia by mutineers in 1967.

The judge emphasised ‘legal, logical, and necessary’ discussions and observations in the case of this ‘brutal and barbaric’ incident.

“This is a groundbreaking verdict considering the arguments, explanation of the existing and statutory laws, the sovereignty of the republic, security of people’s lives and belongings, and for upholding the rule of law in a democratic regime and the establishment of justice,” he said.
Reading of the judgment resumes on Monday. 

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