Monday, July 3, 2017

Blog contributor Susan Finder in the news

Global Military Justice Reform contributor and big-league China scholar Susan Finder is the subject of this interview with The News Lens. Excerpt:
TNL: You have a fantastic blog [Supreme People's Court Monitor] and you write prolifically in this area. How transparent is the system and what are the resources and sources you use to monitor the courts? 
Finder: The system is not very transparent. But it is an enormous improvement from 20-plus years ago when I first started looking into the Supreme People’s Court. You now have this online database of court judgments. There are studies that show some provinces are better than others, some judges don’t want to upload cases to the database, but it is a big step forward, despite the various limitations there are. 
As far as my own sources of information; I use WeChat, that is one of my big sources, because I can get multiple voices. The Supreme People’s Courts and other courts have their own WeChat outlets, so I can get the latest official documents. There are also many other voices.

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