Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Subcontinent military courts compared

Major Navdeep Singh
The Times of India blog presented this interview with Global Military Justice Reform contributor Major Navdeep Singh about military courts in India and Pakistan. Excerpt:
How does a Pakistani military court differ from an Indian one? 
Civilians are not tried in military courts in India. Military law is primarily meant for military offences and enforcing discipline in the military. Further, persons charged with espionage are granted all rights as are available to our citizens and in fact in many instances are ultimately acquitted since our judiciary is not a part of the state and is fiercely independent of official influence or emotions of deshbhakti, and rightly so. What sets us apart is the strong oversight over military justice and other administrative actions of the military by our constitutional courts – the high courts and the Supreme Court and their utmost deference to the precious rights of soldiers and their families, which has kept unbridled powers in check.

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