Thursday, March 16, 2017

Swell idea from a Senator

Sen. Thom Tillis (R.-NC)
From the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, this report via the Tribune News Service:
Furious over a nude-photo scandal involving male Marines who made sexually violent comments online about female Marines, U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-North Carolina, said Tuesday that he wanted to explore how to punish non-active duty and retired personnel who participated.
One idea: stripping any guilty veterans of benefits. 
There should be “dire consequence for people stupid enough to do these kinds of things moving forward,” said Tillis, who sits on the Senate’s Veterans’ Affairs and Armed Services committees. 
He asked for information about how lawmakers could stop post-service benefits for veterans who had participated. “If there’s something we can do to disallow their benefits for bad behavior after they’re discharged, those are the sorts of things we have to do,” he said.
Sen. Tillis is neither a veteran nor a lawyer. 

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  1. That's nothing. Four years ago Deputy Solicitor General Michael R. Dreeben (a lawyer but not a veteran) said this to the Supreme Court:

    "[L]et me give a civil example and then I will bring it right back to this case. Suppose that Congress concludes that sex offenses in the military are a very serious problem and that there are a lot of people who have escaped prosecution because of lax interest in pursuing those crimes. And after a period of years, it sets up a board of inquiry and it says this board of inquiry is going to look into sex offenses that were committed at the time that people were in the military, even if they’re out of the military, and we’re going to subpoena people to testify, and if individuals are determined in a civil proceeding to have committed sex offenses they may have their military records revised, they may lose military benefits, and they may have other civil sanctions imposed upon them."

    Discussed here:


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