Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"A debate is raging in the UK about the effect of law on military operations"

Image resultLawfare, a respected legal blog in the U.S., has this interesting post about "A [] raging [debate] in the UK about the effect of law on military operations."
Judicial imperialism is defeating the British armed forces. At least this is what the authors of a report recently published by the Policy Exchange--an influential British think tank--claim. Provocatively entitled Clearing the Fog of Law: Saving our Armed Forces from Defeat by Judicial Diktat, the report argues that the judicial extension of peacetime legal standards to the battlefield is harmful to operational effectiveness and calls upon the UK Government to reverse this trend. The report builds upon an earlier paper on the same topic published by the Policy Exchange in November 2013 (read here and see comments here, here and here). Benjamin Wittes linked to it here.

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