Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why even bother with military courts in Pakistan?

Pakistan Today has this sick op-ed by freelance columnist Muhammad Ali Baig (left). Excerpt:
In the opinion of the author, the use of Clausewitzian “Remarkable Trinity”, a ruthless and brutal general like [Nazi] General [Reinhard] Heydrich is what Pakistan needs, who is dominated by atrocious and vicious tactics coupled with intellect and patriotism. Since conventional deterrence is not enough for terrorists and their actions and Draconian measures are not to be avoided to obliterate terrorism. Some liberal elements in the society may criticise military courts and the death penalty, but Pakistan actually needs the execution of terrorists on the spot without any trial. . . .
*   *   *
. . . The police force and intelligence mechanism need to be merged into some Federal-level organisation like the German Reich’s Main Security Office, which must be given control of all provincial-level police and law-enforcement agencies. Thus a highly centralised and well-communicated centre will be able to monitor all the activities to achieve a single goal.
Think this high-and-tight "freelance columnist" might be in the military? 

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