Monday, September 19, 2016

Law schools and military law: a thought from Nigeria

Toye Akinlade, who teaches at the Nigerian Army School of Legal Services, has written this worthwhile column suggesting that civilian law schools ought to offer instruction in military law. Excerpt:
The pace of development of military law practice in recent times has brought it to lime light that it is an area of law that needs more vocal attention at the undergraduate level. It is however unfortunate that military law is not being taught as a course in any Nigerian University, not even as an optional elective course. It is true that military law is only applicable to persons subject to service law. However, when persons subject to service law are dissatisfied with the judgement of a court-martial, they go to the Court of Appeal as the court-martial has the same ranking with a state high court.
Not a bad idea for law schools in other countries as well. 

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