Saturday, September 17, 2016


Thanks to CAAFlog, we know that President Barack Obama some time yesterday signed an Executive Order amending the Manual for Courts-Martial. And we know that the guts of the apparently still unnumbered EO -- the actual changes -- are unavailable.

Armed with this [lack of] information, the Editor consulted the website of the Joint Service Committee on Military Justice, which generates Manual changes, naively assuming the changes would be available there, at least. Here's the link.

In this digital age, shouldn't those with an interest be able to tell at a glance what went to the President and what he signed, essentially immediately? If what he signed was different from what was circulated for public comment in any material respect, should it have been recirculated, as would be required if this were an Administrative Procedure Act rule making (which it's not)?

Afterthought: And why not post the comments and suggestions the JSC receives?

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